Hidden Gems – Places to Visit in Aberdeen

By Naomi Grieve, blogger for the University of Aberdeen


As an Aberdonian myself, I can understand why Aberdeen is called the Granite City. However, there are many hidden gems within the city which you don’t have to pay a fortune for! Here are a few of my many favourite places in Aberdeen to go and visit in the summer (or all year round!):

  • Duthie Park is a garden just off the edge of town and easily accessible by walking from the city centre or catching the bus. A large field in the middle of the park means summer time picnics and drinks with friends. The winter gardens are also lovely for the cloudier days in summer.  It is a greenhouse full of flowers and plants along with a café for an ice cream cone.

  • Aberdeen Maritime Museum which is free entry, BONUS, and a good afternoon for learning about Aberdeen’s boating history with views over the harbour and it can be a good laugh with friends followed with lunch as it is in the middle of town! Also, across the street there is the Tollbooth museum which shows the history of Aberdeen’s worst crimes and is also free entry!
  • The beach is the place to go when Aberdeen gets warmer over the summer months! Long beachy sands with cafes and main chain restaurants on the Promenade which can cater for everyone’s need. There is also a Cineworld off the beach for the cooler evenings.

  • Hazelhead park is for everyone! There are football pitches, golf courses and woody areas for walking, cycling and running. There is a maze of hedges and you should find your way into the middle and back out.  I have never managed without asking for help so there is a challenge. Also, there is a pet corner with snakes, llamas, goats and many more.

  • Finally, there is the opportunity to Dolphin watch in Aberdeen. The watch begins at Torry Battery which is only a short walk or bus ride away but if the weather is not the best on the day of the watch, I would recommend wrapping up as it can be blistering cold at the sea front!

These are my five favourite places to visit in the summer either alone or with friends. If you can think of anymore, please let us know!

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