Run, Swim or Jump Your Way to Fitness in Aberdeen

By Naomi Grieve,

Student Blogger for the University of Aberdeen

At the start of the year, 2018 was probably “your” year for the fitness and health but it is already April (Where has the year gone??) and if you are like me, January, February and March were your trial months and you are ready to kick start that healthy lifestyle four months into the year. So this blog post is going to explore 4 ways you can keep fit in Aberdeen, I have tried to offer cheap ways but some are slightly more expensive.

1. The Beach

First off, it’s free to use so what are you waiting for! It is over 4km long from one end (Bridge of Don) to the other (Fittie – the village within the city). This would be the perfect place to have a walk with friends, a long run or even outdoor workouts. If you look on Instagram and Youtube, you will find lots of videos of workouts which require no equipment and can be done outside.

2. Jump-In

Jump-In is a trampoline park in Aberdeen. You will require transport as it is slightly out of the city.  However, it is worth it! You can burn calories while having fun. For an off-peak ticket, it costs £11.00 for an hour and a half. In my opinion, it would be good day out for you and your friends to get away from study/exam stress.

3. Outdoor Boot Camp Classes

If you would like to get outside in Aberdeen, there are many boot camp groups which you can join. One example is REBEL PT which offers a free trial so that you can try out the boot camp before signing up. They are located in Duthie Park which is just past the city centre and very accessible by bus. There are three available evenings: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The memberships cost £39 per month for unlimited sessions or £30 for one session a week. There are alternative boot camps but this is just an example.

4. Gym Memberships

Being a student comes with the added perk of discounted gym memberships. The closest gym to the university is Aberdeen Sports Village. There is no joining free and prices start from £16 per month. There are many benefits to ASV including over 150 exercise stations, lots of indoor exercise classes and an Olympic standard swimming pool and diving pool. Plus a sauna and steam room – which helps you relax after a long session at the library.  There are other nearby gyms including Pure Gym at Kittybrewster and DW Fitness in the Beach Leisure Centre.

These are just four ways in which you can keep fit while in Aberdeen. I would definitely recommend the classes at the gym as they are only a half hour long plus you can get a good sweat on. The benefits of exercise for students is huge as it can improve brain function which is ideal for studying. So, let 2018 still be your year!


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