Make the Most of Your Summer

By Agir Holmgren,

Student Blogger for the University of Aberdeen

As a student, towards the end of the academic year, you may begin to feel relief that you are going to be free from deadlines and assignments. However, growing up, you may also begin to realise that it is not possible to experience summer holidays in the same way as when you were a kid. As a child, having the entire summer off for activities was a blessing and it felt like it could never get boring. Growing up changes that notion. Now, having nothing to do is momentarily nice but eventually develops into restlessness and you begin to miss the structured everyday of university life. So, the question arises, what could one do with that summertime freedom so as not to become bored?

Get a summer job

Not all summer jobs might be offering the most inspiring workload but it may be worth acquiring that extra experience. It never hurts to gain more experiences – Even if it is not a job you would want to turn into a career, your employability would be boosted. Also, earning some extra money never hurts either.

Go volunteering

Doing volunteering over the summer, similarly to a summer job, could offer helpful transferrable experiences. Rather than doing something for the money, volunteering instead provides a chance to give back to society. Depending on where the volunteering takes place, it might also provide an opportunity to travel the world while also helping other people.

Prepare for the coming academic year

Some professors are great at offering the course guide ahead of time so, depending on how early you get access to course material, it could be easy to start preparing ahead of the start of term. Doing some, or all, of the readings beforehand can help to prevent university work from piling up.

But, also, remember to have fun! It is great to be productive over summer but allowing yourself to relax for a bit can be rather rewarding. The summer holiday may not be the same experience as when you were a child but it is incredibly important to cherish the time one gets to relax.


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