How to get most of your Freshers’ Week and still be ready for the first week of school

By Ivana Drdakova,
Studying English and Scottish Literature

Freshers‘ week is nearly here – starting with the Move in Weekend on the 1st of September and concluding on the 9th of September. Freshers‘ week is exciting for new but also returning students as it gives time to let off some steam before the university starts. This blog post is mostly aimed at the first year students where I will share my tips from my first year at university on how to enjoy the Freshers‘ week to the fullest without being lost after the real university work starts.

1. Explore the campus
During the move in weekend, there are few tours around the campus and Hillhead. While these are useful, they are usually on during the first couple of days when you are overwhelmed by the new environment. I strongly recommend that after you choose your classes, to go around campus on your own to see where each class will be. (Especially, if you have classes in the Meston Building because that building seems like a maze to me). This will help you to gain a confidence when the school starts as you will know where to head to class instead of feeling like you are lost right at the beginning.

2. Don’t be afraid to try new things
Freshers’ week gives you the opportunity to find out about the different Sports’ teams and Societies that we have during the Fayres. Have you always wanted to try some sport but never had time? With over 40 sport teams at campus there is a high chance that you will be able to join your dream team. The teams also run taster sessions where you can grasp the idea of how the sport looks like and if you would truly enjoy it. Similarly, there is over 130 societies at campus – ranging from subject interest to food or music. Societies are great place to find people with similar mind set and you may find your new friends there.

3. Find time for yourself
Even though you will want to spend as much time with your new friends and maybe spent some nights out, make sure that you also find time for yourself to relax. This will help you not to feel very tired the first week of university but also it will help you not to fall for the freshers’ flu. You may feel homesick – and many people do feel the same – so when you feel like that you may want to be on your own for a bit, however, do not forget that there are always people around to help if needed.

4. Prepare for the University
While Freshers’ week is all about fun time, you should also visit some of the University events that are on during that week. Your school’s welcome day and your specific degree welcome day are great way to find out about more opportunities. Look at the reading list and try to buy the books or look in the library if you can borrow the book for free. Another great thing to do is to go to the library information event – even though there is a lot of information, believe me when I say so, it is great to go as they will explain to you how the library works and then you will not feel lost for the next month. Also, do not forget to pick up your ID card!

5. Get in touch with your personal tutor and don’t be afraid to ask questions from your S4S Mentor
By the time you arrive to university, you will be assigned a personal tutor. The tutor will generally come from your school and there will be there to help you if you find yourself struggling. It is good to email them in the first week and arrange meeting with them so you can get to know them a little bit. There will be there for you for the next four or five years.
Furthermore, your student mentor should get in touch with you in the first month after you start university. You can ask them questions and they can also help you navigate. If you need friend or just a fellow student to explain how some things at the university work ask them, they are there for you to help.

More Information

For more information on the University of Aberdeen’s Welcome Week and events visit:

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