It’s okay to say ‘no!’ – Nights out / Things to do in Aberdeen that don’t involve drinking

by Poppy Easson

During your time at university, more than ever, you will be asked one very well known question by your class-mates and flat-mates ‘Do you want to come on a night out?’ It is completely okay to say ‘no’ when you don’t have time, if you don’t feel moved by an opportunity, or if you need to sacrifice your own needs or for any other reason. Maybe you have a crazy workload, need to study for an exam or just need some time to chill and watch Netflix with a pizza; self-care is super important!

It seems like a totally easy thing to do; yet this two-letter word, no matter how simple it is, has always been a challenging word to say for most of us! We never say “no” casually and comfortably as we feel it sounds disrespectful. There is always a degree of guilt feeling that lurks within us every time we say ‘no’ to someone. The problem is that when you say ‘yes’ when you don’t want to, you are not putting yourself first which will inevitably lead to your own unhappiness, and happiness is a vital part of our all-round health and wellbeing!

Even though Fresher’s week is now over, the partying inevitably still continues. Clubbing is a big part of today’s university culture, there’s no denying it! But the great thing is, it’s not the only part of it! If you’re not really feeling a night out or drinking is not fully your cup of tea, there is always a ton of other things to do in Aberdeen both within and outside the University itself. It is important to enjoy the time while you’re not in classes or studying your boots off in the library! AUSA (Aberdeen University Student’s Union) has over 130 different societies for you to get involved with. Societies are a great way to meet like-minded people, find a brand new hobby or pursue a particular interest. AUSA is also home to over 50 sports clubs that normally take place in the evening, which is a super way to keep your mind and body healthy and meet new people at the same time. Now is the perfect time to try a new sport or hobby and just explore your interests.

Also, there are many fun alternatives to a night out that are not associated with the university! I cook every Sunday evening with some of my lovely flatmates, which is a great way to socialise and catch up over some yummy dinner. Or why not grab something to eat and go to the cinema to catch the latest film? Even maybe organise a baking night with some friends? If you are feeling isolated because you don’t enjoy going out, just know you are not alone and there are people who are feeling the exact same as you but there is a lot more to your university experience than just that!

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