Top 5 Tips to Support Your Revision Productivity

By Naomi Grieve, student blogger for the University of Aberdeen

If you are a student you will most likely know that revision is hard.  However, it does not have to be!
I have given my 5 favourite tips to help revision go smoothly and be more enjoyable!

Revision tip #1

First things first, work out what is the best method of revision for you. There are endless methods of revision from hand-writing notes, listening to lecture recordings, making colourful mind maps and typing notes on a computer. It is trial and error but it will be much more productive once you find your best method.
My favourite is to type up my notes online, print them out and go through each page and highlight the important sections.

Revision tip #2

Distractions will be your worst nightmare while revising. However, they can be minimised by making simple changes.

Have you ever been in the position where you sit on your phone for ten minutes scrolling through Facebook and end up watching videos of cats being scared by cucumbers an hour later? Yeah, me too! So pretty much, turn your phone off for a period, even an hour with a 5-minute check in. But keep an eye on the time of usage.
Also, if you are using your laptop, log out of any social media to stop temptation!

Revision tip #3

To-do lists are key to a productive library session. I get myself settled in the library and, before I do any work, I write a quick to-do list of what I want to achieve within the day.

Placing the list where you can see it will keep you motivated to keep going as the tasks are small but plenty. If you are productive you will be able to have a relaxing evening after a full day of revision.

Revision tip #4

Food will help you keep going. Obviously, if you are sitting in the library the snacks may have to be slightly changed due to the noise, or smell of the food.

If I am going to have a long library session I will have a water bottle to keep hydrated and a bag full of good treats. I would bring cold pasta, salad or quesadillas made the night before for a healthy and energy boosting lunch. For the smaller snacks, bananas, apples, nut mix and mini chocolates will give you that much needed push to complete tasks and power through.

Revision #5

Where to revise? The environment you choose to revise in can impact your productivity. If you sit in front of a TV you may get distracted and watch the entire series of Stranger Things rather than looking at papers (this example has happened to me many times).

So, sitting somewhere with a desk, comfy chair and minimal distractions is key! I recommend Taylor Law Library as it has quiet zones, or the 6/7th floor in the Sir Duncan Rice Library where the noise of the café is minimal as it is so high up.

I hope that these revision tips will get you through the exam season.


Do you have any other revision tips which you use? Email, or message the StudentLifeUoA Facebook or Twitter pages.

If the work load is getting on top of you a bit, head over to our page on managing exam stress for some key tips and contacts.

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