How to prevent and/or get rid of re-Fresher’s flu

New people, new place and different weather. All of these will happen all at once during the first week at university or once you come back from holidays. As expected, it is quite likely that you may get something known as “Fresher’s flu”. Some of the symptoms may include: sore throat, fever and headache. However, there are few tips on how to prevent or how to get rid of this flu quicker.

1. Turmeric and lemon tea

Turmeric has great anti-inflammatory benefits and helps to rise the number of antioxidants in the body. However, the effects are the greatest when combined with little bit of black pepper. To prepare this drink which contains a lot of vitamins you need to put a bit of turmeric (either grated from fresh turmeric root or use the dried spice) into a cup with a pinch of black pepper. Then pour in some boiling water, stir and let it sit still for a bit. When the drink gets bit colder, add some lemon for vitamin C and add agave syrup, honey, or other sweetener based on your preferences. This recipe also works with plant-based milks with added cinnamon stick.

2. Wrap up!

Winter is coming, and it gets especially tough in Aberdeen. Always try to layer up as much as you can to prevent getting cold – wear gloves, good warm shoes and a hat. One of the most common ways to get ill is by under-dressing during the winter – wearing skirts, dresses etc.

3. Get enough sleep

First weeks of university are very exciting and also stressful, especially for the new students. Long nights spent talking to new people and exploring new places may lead to lack of sleep or breaking your usual sleeping pattern. This may also lead to you being more likely to come down with the flu. Try to get to bed earlier, at least some of the night, which may also help you to prevent getting the flu. Same goes for returning students, once university work kicks-in, try to spread your work over few days so you can get enough time to rest.

These are only some of the ways how you can fight the flu which I find very useful. If you have any useful tips that help you leave them in comments down below.

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