Founders’ Day – Celebrate our University

by Ross Cumming, 4th Year Undergraduate BMus

The founders day service at the University of Aberdeen is a highlight of the Chapel Choir’s calendar as it is a special service in which we all remember and pay tribute to the people in history who created this prestigious University. Much has changed on our campus since 1495 however, some aspects remain the same and it is only through the visions and determination from our founders, Bishop Elphinstone and our patron fathers, that we can enjoy a wonderful University experience on this campus.

As a member of the Chapel Choir I have attended the Founder’s Day Service for the past three years and believe it is very important for Aberdeen University students to delve into the past and engage with the living, breathing University that we are all a part of, regardless of degree of study. Kings College Chapel is the perfect setting for this service with our very own University Chaplains, Rev Marylee Anderson and Rev David Hutchinson leading the service with guest preacher, Right Rev Susan Brown who will give the message of goodwill. The Chapel Choir provides beautiful music to aid the meditation with wonderful playing from our Organ Scholars on the University’s own Aubertin Organ. The service is followed by a reception where refreshments are provided and it is a perfect opportunity to meet fellow members of the University of Aberdeen and share fellowship.

The University of Aberdeen is an exciting and safe place where students are free to voice their thoughts, opinions and beliefs in all walks of University life. This has only been granted through the visions our historic Founders on whose shoulders we stand as a proud University today. Please come along and join us in paying tribute at our Founders day service.

Find out more about our Founders’ Day event here

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