Top 5 Tips for Surviving Exams!

By Kaylea Kidd, Studying History

This is a stressful time for many students as we enter exam season. In an effort to help those struggling at the moment, I would like to share some excellent tips given to me. These can help you relieve stress and do the best possible in your examinations.

1)      Begin as early as possible

Do not cram it all into one or two days. Take some time to study so you are not overwhelmed by the amount of material you need to go over.

2)      Location 

Find your ‘happy place’ to revise in, where ever this is. It could be the library, your home, a café, etc. A personal favourite of mine is in Kings College.

3)      Find your favourite techniques

There are various methods to study for your exams, and no two people will study the same way. Some examples are flashcards, re – reading/ re – writing notes, using past papers, studying in groups or studying alone. Use the best methods for how you learn to retain the most information for your exams.

4)      Crowd source knowledge

People learn topics differently and by working as a group, everyone can bring their knowledge to the group. This will allow you to help each other and better understand the material.

5)      Practice Writing By Hand

Try to get accustomed to writing fast and legibly by hand for long periods of time. This is not something we tend to do on a regular basis, but is essential for examinations. Take some time to practice this before you need to do it for real.

6)      Get prepared the night before

To relieve some stress on the day get ready the night before. Prepare everything that is needed for the exam, (pens, water, student ID card, lip balm, tissues, etc.) so you are not running around right before the exam. Also be sure you are ready for the exam by getting a good night’s sleep and having a proper meal before the exam.

There are many ways to get ready for an examination and each person will do what is best for them. Just be sure to take care of yourself and give yourself the best chance for a good mark. All the best for your exams this year

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