Making the most of University Life

Whilst the main reason you came to University is your degree, there are so many other opportunities that come with being a student that you might not have thought of.

Here at the University of Aberdeen we want you to make the most student life. Being a student isn’t all about sitting in the library and studying, here’s four ways to get involved at university:


AUSA (Aberdeen University Student’s Union) has over 130 societies for you to get involved with. Societies are a great way to meet like-minded people, find a new hobby or pursue an interest. You can do something like join the A Cappella Society and sing to your hearts content or join Mary’s meals and do something good for charity. We have so much available, and getting involved in committees counts as volunteering hours you can use towards a STAR award.

Sports teams

AUSA is also home to over 50 sports clubs. We try to have something for absolutely everyone, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for… you can set it up! We get to use the lovely Aberdeen Sports Village facilities for our training sessions, and then every Wednesday we compete in BUCS against other universities in a variety of sports. We’ve got your more obvious sports like Rugby, Football, Hockey and Lacrosse and also things you might not expect like Golf, Fencing, Archery and Surfing. Getting involved with a sports committee also counts as volunteering hours that you can use towards your STAR award, and it’s also a great addition to your CV!


Volunteering is another great way that you can add to a STAR award, do something for the community or add depth to your CV. Volunteering allows you to make new friends at University, and make a difference within the wider community. You can register your details with AUSA and they can help you find a volunteering opportunity in your local area!

Co-curricular activities you can put on your transcript

Who doesn’t want to be recognised for their hard work? By taking part in one of the careers services registered co-curricular activities/opportunities, you can have your hard work formally recognised on your transcript when you finally decide to leave us.
So what’s recognised as a co-curricular activity?
Accredited activities include:

Recognised Activities include:

A full list of roles recognised via the STAR Award is available on the Careers Service website.

About CluedUp

Get CluedUp and live happy!

The University of Aberdeen is dedicated to making sure that its students enjoy a university experience which is as safe, comfortable and happy as possible.

During your time at university, maintaining good health and wellbeing is important for your studies, safety and happiness.

CluedUp is a Student Health and Wellbeing Campaign which, as well as this website, includes activities and social media communication.  It aims to ensure that, as a student of the University of Aberdeen, you have access to all of the information that you need in order to make positive life choices and to be aware of the services which are available to you if you need support.

The CluedUp website acts as a signpost to other websites which provide health and wellbeing services and information. A non-judgemental website created solely for students and covering topics as diverse as mental health, fire safety, and societies, CluedUp supports students like you to find the information that you need fast.

Get involved!

The University of Aberdeen and The Aberdeen University Students’ Association have teamed up to bring you mid-week Health and Wellbeing activities and an annual Health and Wellbeing Day Fair which will be held in mid-October.  Keep an eye out on the Student Life Facebook page and the University of Aberdeen students event calendar for more information.

Got an idea about a topic that you think should be covered on this site or a suggestion for a Health and Wellbeing activity that you’d like to see organised?  Get in touch with us by emailing

Making your bedroom your own in halls

Making your bedroom your own in halls Moving into halls can be difficult for a number of reasons… we want you to be able to make it feel like home without fearing the damage bills at the end of the year.

Here are our top tips for making your bedroom your own whilst avoiding those dreaded bills:

  1. The most obvious one, fairy lights. Hang them around your bed, around your notice board or pretty much anywhere to add that cute and homely feeling. Adding a little bit of atmosphere to your room is super easy!
  2. Photos, posters and all that jazz. Now, this is where you have to be careful because blue tac/white tac leaves little moisture marks on the walls and that usually means that the whole room will need a coat of paint when you leave.Try sticking posters to your walls using self-adhesive strips instead. These are supposed to come off cleanly and leave no surface damage – meaning you can make your room feel more like your own by adding that band poster to your wall.
  3. Optimize the use of your pin board. All of our halls rooms come with pin boards. So why not actually use it? You can pin up: Photos, bunting, fabric and the list could go on.
  4. Add comfort with comfy cushions Primark have one of the best and cheapest home ranges, and it’s filled with ADORABLE cushions. Pile these onto your bed teamed with a huge fluffy blanket and you have the cosiest and comfiest spot to read, watch movies, or actually get some studying done.
  5. Desk top accessories Now let’s be honest, we can’t be expected to look after real plants… but the faux ones look just as adorable and can make your room feel brighter, and more sophisticated so why not grab yourself a few? They’ll look super cute next to candles, and stationery storage baskets on your desk!
  6. Make it smell like homeOur parents are all fascinated with those plug in air fresheners, so getting one for your room can help it smell like a boudoir, but also remind you of your home comforts. You could even try a lavender scented diffuser to help keep you calm during those stressful periods.