Alcohol and Drugs


Alcohol Impact

AUSA and University of Aberdeen are working together with NUS to implement the Alcohol Impact campaign at the University.  Further information on the Alcohol Impact campaign is available here.

For information on the effects of alcohol and tips on safer drinking, head over to the AUSA website.

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Drinkaware – What is a unit of alcohol?



Student Safety and Drugs

Studies show that students are more likely to take drugs compared to the general population. Before you have any involvement with drugs, make sure you know all the facts. The different names, the effects they have, the risks involved and what the law says. Know your stuff about the so-called ‘legal highs’ and find out how drugs can affect your brain in the short and long term.  Head over to AUSA for more information on drugs.


If you’re worried about drugs or somebody that’s involved with drugs, talk to someone. There are support services both on and off campus, which are available for you to talk about anything in complete confidence. The University provides a range of support services and there are external organisations such as: TalktoFrank who offer live-chat and phone services, and Alcohol and Drugs Action that are on hand for free advice and support.

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These are relatively new products on the market and are still being developed. If you’d like to learn more about e-cigarettes, including their strengths and weaknesses, try the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s article on Electronic Cigarettes.