Alcohol Impact

AUSA and University of Aberdeen are working together with NUS to implement the  Alcohol Impact campaign at the University. A joint statement of our intentions is available here and further information on the Alcohol Impact campaign is available here.

Alcohol and partying when you’re at University

We’ve all head about student nights out ending up with lost phones, purses, dignity… But here at Aberdeen we’re really geared up to look after our students. The Street pastors, Student Resident Assistants and the bars and clubs are involved in the ‘Best Bar None’ initiative and are all working hard to make sure all students are kept safe. But to be really safe, students need to look after themselves and each other. Here is some simple advice that will make sure your night goes off without incident.

Drinking is not mandatory

You shouldn’t feel pressured into drinking alcohol if you don’t want to. There are plenty of alternate social events, both on and off Campus, which are available for you to enjoy. How about trying out a society? Societies are a huge part of University life, and a great chance to meet like-minded people.

Curb your consumption

Make smart decisions when you’re drinking alcohol. If you feel unusually drunk or unwell, ask a friend to take you home. Eating before you go out and drinking plenty of water will also help you not to get too drunk – and help you avoid a nasty hangover. If it’s too late for that, then these NHS tips might help you take the sting out of that day-after feeling.

Be aware of what you’re drinking

Did you know that on average, it takes about one hour for your body to breakdown one unit of alcohol? It’s a good idea to keep an eye on how much you drink and know what constitutes a unit. We also advise you to be wary about accepting drinks from people you don’t know.

Get home safely

Get home after a night out by sticking with a friend or getting a taxi. To find out more about getting home safely from a night out, visit the Transport page.

Grab a kebab

What we really mean here is – don’t cook if you’ve been drinking – plan ahead. Either prepare some food before you go out or get a takeaway on the way home. You could pose a fire risk if you decide to cook when you get home. Nobody likes a char-grilled pizza anyway!

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