How to register with a dentist as a student at the University of Aberdeen

If you’re here for more than one semester, it’s important that you register with a local dentist. That way, you’ll know that if any dental emergencies arise – you’ll have them covered.

It’s free to register

In Scotland, visits to the dentist are generally not free of charge. Whilst some dentists offer a free check-up service, charges and procedures differ by practice. There are three types of dentists you can register with, NHS practices, privately run practices and private practices which offer NHS services.

Choosing the right dentist

Not all NHS practices are able to accept new patients, so you must ask before registering. Whilst the dental procedures covered by the NHS are not free, they are charged at a reduced rate and therefore tend to be cheaper than private practices.

The Dental Information and Advice Line

These guys can help with a variety of dental enquiries. They can give you details of where to register with a dentist and what to do if you have a dental emergency. The line is open Monday to Friday from 8.05am – 5.45pm. The number is 0345 45 65 990.

What to do in a dental emergency

If you are registered with a dentist and you have severe toothache or a dental emergency you are advised to contact your dental practice. Even if the practice is closed, an automated message will provide specific instructions. If you are not registered, contact the Dental Information and Advice Line.

Dental practices around the University

Old Aberdeen Dental Practice
The Hub
Elphinstone Road
AB24 3TU
01224 274230

Old Town Dental Care
519 King Street
AB24 3BT
01224 483666

King Street Dental Practice
173 King Street
AB24 5AE
01224 640759

Hilton Dental Practice
2 Hilton Street
AB24 4QX
01224 486817

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