Discrimination, Harrassment and Abuse

Harassment and Discrimination

The University does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind, and if you find yourself in this situation then you are invited to come and speak to someone either in the Student Advice and Support Service or the Infohub and we can identify the correct person for you to discuss this with. This does not have to involve the police but you can contact Police Scotland if you feel that you are being harassed or discriminated against.
Visit our key contacts page if you feel you need to speak to someone urgently.

Visit the Equality and Human Rights Commission website for further guidance and advice related to discrimination.


Hate Crime

A hate crime is defined as any incident constituting a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate.

More information:


Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment

Unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature is always unacceptable. It is never too late to report it and men as well as women can be victims. Follow the links below to find out about the support available for victims of sexual abuse or harassment, frequently asked questions about what these terms include, and advice on how to be there for a friend.

For support within the university, contact Student Advice and Support who will point you in the right direction of who to speak to.

The NHS has a comprehensive webpage covering various topics related to abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.

Find about your legal rights and protections with regards to sexual harassment.

Frequently asked questions related to rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Head to the Victim Support website to find out what domestic violence is and who can help.

(The Victim Support website has a tool at the right hand side of the page so that you can hide the page quickly.)

Need to speak to someone now?  See our Key Contacts page.

Key contacts

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Trust your instincts, if someone is making you feel scared or intimidated do not ignore these feelings. Research indicated early intervention in a stalking case can stop it.

For advice on deciding whether you are the victim of stalking and what to do if you are, visit Scared of Someone.