Getting to know the facts about student safety and drugs

Studies show that students are more likely to take drugs compared to the general population. And experimenting with drugs can sometimes be presented as ‘part of the student experience’. But drugs are illegal for a reason. With risks to both your mental and physical health – as well as the risk of criminal prosecution – you’ve got to ask yourself, is it really worth it?

Know the facts

Before you have any involvement with drugs, make sure you know all the facts. The different names, the effects they have, the risks involved and what the law says. Know your stuff about the so-called ‘legal highs’ and find out about how drugs can affect your brain in the short and the long term.

Get help if you need it

No one can be certain how drugs will affect them so there’s always the risk that they’ll have a bad time, fall ill, hurt themselves or even worse. If you’re worried about a friend that’s had a bad reaction, call an Ambulance. The doctors won’t tell the Police or your friend’s family if your friend has been taking drugs.

Talk to someone about it

If you’re worried about drugs or somebody that’s involved with drugs, talk to someone. There are support services both on and off Campus, which are available for you to talk about anything in complete confidence. The University provides a range of support services and there are external organisations such as TalktoFrank who offer live-chat and phone services and Drugs Action that are on hand for free advice and support.

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