Student nightlife and staying safe in the city

It’s important to stay aware of your surroundings, wherever you are, when you’re out and about. Here are some simple precautions you can take to make sure you stay safe and live happy when you’re out enjoying the nightlife in Aberdeen.

Don’t take the short-cut

It might seem like an obvious one, but – tip number one is: stick to well-lit, busy areas when you’re walking home at night. Even if it’s just on your way back from the library. It’s best to avoid poorly lit parks, back-streets and those short-cuts back from the supermarket. When it comes to walking around at night, it’s best to do it with friends. Otherwise, jump on a night bus or grab a cab.

Travel with friends

Where possible travel in groups at night. This way you’re less likely to get lost and you might even save some money on transport. If one of your friends leaves a night out on their own, make sure they let you know when they’re home safely. Keeping a phone with you is a good way to stay safe and keep in touch with your friends on a night out.

Book a taxi in advance

Plan ahead. If you’re heading out or returning home alone at night, pre-book a taxi or use public transport rather than getting a lift from somebody you don’t know. We know that taxi ranks can get busy, so plan ahead, book a taxi and beat the queue.

Stay aware of your surroundings

Try and avoid listening to music when you’re walking at night. We know it’s common practice for people to wear headphones when they’re out and about but the problem is, it reduces awareness of your surroundings. The same goes for talking on the phone.

Keep your eyes peeled (Stay Alert!)

Make sure you stay alert when you’re taking money out of a cash-point. And if you see anything suspicious, report it to the police or, if you’re in the city centre speak to one of the Aberdeen street Pastors or call the Police immediately. The same goes for using your phone or music device – it’s best to avoid having it on display, especially if you’re walking about at night.

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