Keeping your personal possessions safe at university

The majority of theft is committed by the opportunist thief, which implies that the majority can be prevented. Get CluedUp with these simple steps to help protect your personal belongings.

What to look out for

Laptops, mobile phones and bicycles are the most common items stolen from students. It’s a sad fact that student accommodation is an easy target for thieves. Simply put, thieves target shared houses with multiple laptops, smart phones, bank details… Combine this with the fact that some shared student houses (aside from university assigned accommodation) can often be poorly secured; student flats present an attractive low-risk, high-reward opportunity.

Secure your possessions

Make sure your doors are locked before you head out. It’s also a good idea to make sure your windows are closed too. Remember – if you don’t feel your security features are sufficient, ask your landlord to upgrade them. If you’re in university accommodation then we provide sufficient locks and secured buildings as well as 24-hour security services and CCTV coverage.

Keep your valuables out of sight

Out of sight, out of mind. That saying really is true when it comes to opportunist theft. If you’ve got a car, make sure you don’t leave a coat or a bag on the back seat – this could potentially tempt a thief from breaking in. The same goes for your flat. Be sure to move all of your valuables (including computers, TVs, cameras and tablets) away from windows, and remember to put all keys, cash and credit cards out of plain view.

Record your details

Keep a record of the make, models and serial numbers of all your electrical equipment. This could help police track them down in the event that they got stolen. Also consider marking your items with a UV pen. As most UV pens come with stickers that show that a product has been marked, it also makes your belongings less attractive to thieves looking to sell them on.

Register your valuables with immobilise

Create a free private, secure inventory of all your personal property – including your mobile phone. This service is provided by the Police and helps to identify recovered property of thousands of stolen items every day. It also simplifies insurance claims and Police reports should your goods get lost or stolen. Register today.

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