Staying aware of road safety as a student

The UK has one of the best road safety records in the world. But it pays to have a good knowledge of road safety whether you are walking, driving or cycling.

Be a responsible pedestrian

When you’re out and about on foot it’s important that you stay aware of the road hazards around you. It’s a good idea to remove headphones when crossing the road – this way your senses will be heightened and there will be less chance of an accident. It’s also safer to use designated crossing areas when you can.

Owning a car

If you own a car, always double check that your vehicle is locked when you leave it. Key theft is one of the primary ways thieves steal cars. And, at the end of the day – your personal security is more important than property, so try not to leave keys on display in the hall where they can be seen or easily reached from the front door. If you want to know more, the AA have a comprehensive guide to keeping your car secure.

Driving smart

When you’re out driving be respectful to other road users. If you have an incident, stay calm and resolve it sensibly. You’ll find more information about how to drive safe and drive smart from Road Safety Scotland.

Driving a car

First and foremost, make sure you have a valid driving license and are insured to drive the car before you sit behind the wheel. Driving without either of these carries a custodial charge in the UK.

Look out for partially sighted people

Guide Dogs Scotland have provided some simple tips everyone can do to help blind and partially sighted people:

  • Avoid obstructive pavement parking
  • Ensure wheelie bins and refuse containers are not blocking pavements
  • Report anything that could be hazardous to pedestrians to Aberdeen City Council including potholes and badly cracked paving slabs
  • Clean up litter, especially broken glass and slippery items
  • Trim any hedges regularly at your property to ensure it does not overflow onto the pavement

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