Alert-a-buddy is the automated buddy system and works on all mobile phones.

How does it work

If you are working or travelling alone, it is important to make sure that others know where you are going. However, colleagues, friends and family are often too busy to act as a “buddy system”, plus they can often forget to check up on you. Alert-a-buddy acts as an automatic, reliable buddy system, which will only alert your designated emergency contacts in the event of a potential emergency.

Here is how:

  • Call or text Alert-a-buddy with your alarm time and details of your appointment or journey
  • When you are safely finished, call or text again to confirm that you are safe by entering your PIN code
  • If Alert-a-buddy does not hear from you, they will call and/or text you to remind you
  • If they still do not hear from you, your alarm will be triggered. When your alarm goes off, it is raised to your designated emergency contact(s) in a cascade fashion. You can have up to 6 emergency contact numbers to ensure someone responds rapidly. Uniquely, our system also allows you to specify emergency contacts on a rota, or Office Hours versus Out of Hours, to make sure that the appropriate contact chain is in place for the time when your alarm is triggered.

It is important to note that there is a cost involved to use this service.