Staying safe on campus at the University of Aberdeen

Making sure our campuses are safe places for students, staff and visitors is a priority at the University of Aberdeen. Sadly, there are those that do not respect others and commit petty crime. Most of the crime on campus comprises of opportunity theft, which can be prevented if you take these simple safety steps.

Keep an eye on your stuff

Make sure you watch out for your belongings at all times. This includes not leaving your books and belongings unattended in the library and communal areas around the university. While the staff at the university do their best to monitor theft on campus, it’s not always possible to prevent every crime.

Stick to well-lit paths and public walkways

Avoid taking short-cuts on campus. A quick route during the day could easily turn out to be a bad move at night. Find out more about staying safe when out and about in the Living & Social section.

Aberdeen is like any other large city in the evenings therefore inevitably there will always be places to avoid in the evenings or when alone.

Avoid going through Seaton Park in the evenings, it is big and quite densely populated with trees and bushes.

Report suspicious behaviour

If you see anything suspicious, whether it be petty crime related or not, contact the 24/7 campus security team on 01224 273327 or visit their office:

Security Control Room
9A Dunbar Street
AB24 3UD