More information about keeping your data secure at university

As a student, you’ll be producing coursework regularly. And more of this coursework will be stored in a digital format. Follow these simple CluedUp tips to keep all of your hard work safe.

Make use of the H-Drive

During your time at the University of Aberdeen, you’ll receive personal file space on the University network. This is a place where you can store, save and retrieve all of your university coursework. It is a completely safe and secure way to store your files and can be accessed both on and off campus. The data is backed up securely every night.

Store your work in more than one location

Back up your data. Use at least two separate methods to store data (e.g. H-Drive and email). This reduces the risk of losing your work.

Invest in anti-virus software

Invest in approved anti-virus software. Good anti-virus software protects against viruses that could potentially wipe your computer of all its files.