More information about student insurance

Keep your things covered with insurance. This way, if something does get damaged or goes missing it won’t be a costly worry. You can get everything covered with student insurance – from valuable items such as your laptop, to the keys to your flat.

Valuables insurance

If you live in University of Aberdeen Halls of Residences, you are covered by basic personal contents insurance. However, it is still recommended to take out insurance for other goods that exceed this cover. For those living in privately rented accommodation, it is advisable to get insurance for your valuables. This is available for a relatively small fee and can be obtained through your bank or an insurance provider.

Health Insurance

The level of health insurance you need is dependent on where you come from. Erasmus students should apply for an E111 card prior to arriving in the UK to ensure they are covered. The British Council can offer more information on whether you are eligible for free NHS treatment.