Keeping yourself and your possessions safe at the library

The libraries at Foresterhill and the Rowett Institute are safe places to study during the day and at night. However, it’s important to stay aware of potential threats to your personal belongings and safety.

Getting home safely

Take caution and stick to well-lit, busy roads if you’re leaving the library at night. That means no short-cuts through dark areas of town. If it’s really late it’s probably best to take some safe transport home.

Watch your belongings

Be vigilant with personal possessions and always keep valuable items secure or within sight. If you have to leave your study area, ask a friend to watch over your items. And if you’re in doubt, take items with you when you go for a break.

What to do if there’s an incident

In the event of an incident, report it to the police and campus authorities immediately. You could prevent it happening to someone else. Campus security operates 24 hours a day. In the event of an emergency call them on 01224 273939. For more serious incidents call the Police on 999.