Using your phone and staying safe in Aberdeen

These days, a lot of people carry around expensive kit without a second thought.Take mobile phones – many of us invest in the latest Android and iOS devices – but are you keeping them safe? And more importantly, are they keeping you safe? Get CluedUp and follow these simple tips to stay safe and live happy.

Finding your friends

Make sure your phone is fully charged before a night out. It’s also a good idea to store your friend’s numbers in your phone – so if you’ve just moved to Aberdeen, remember to swap numbers (or Facebook contacts) with your new flatmates.

Protect your phone with a PIN and an app

Make sure you use a passcode on your phone – this way, if it gets lost or stolen it’s more difficult for other people to access. There are also apps available such as Find my iPhone which have been designed to track your phone’s location, wipe its contents or send out a warning tone if it goes walk-abouts. Oh and don’t forget to write down your phone’s unique IMEI number by typing # 06 # which will help to locate the phone if it gets lost or stolen.

Register with immobilise

Create a free private, secure inventory of all your personal property – including your mobile phone. This is a service provided by the Police that helps to identify recovered property of thousands of stolen items everyday. It also simplifies insurance claims and Police reports should your goods get lost or stolen. Register today.