Online Safety

Internet Safety

Pretty much everyone is online these days. Whether it’s for social networking, keeping in touch with friends and family or for academic purposes. We’re not here to give you a lecture on what you should use it for. CluedUp is here to make you aware of the potential dangers and show you where you can take precautions to protect yourself against potential threats online.

The IT Service

Got a query? Your first port of call is the IT Service Desk.

The IT Service’s top tips for keeping safe online.

Dos and Don’ts for using the classroom PCs at university.

IT policies within the university.

Police Scotland

Online Safety

Police Scotland has created a Student Safety Guide which includes a section on social media safety.


Your H drive on the University computers is the most secure location for your files.

Protect yourself from cyber attacks by installing an antivirus software for your personal computer


Scams That Target Students

Unfortunately, there are people out there that make money from scamming students. Therefore, if it seems too good to be true then it probably is! Don’t fall victim to these scam artists, be knowledgeable and check out these sites that can offer some information and advice:

Check out RBS Business‘s video giving advice on how to spot a phishing scam.


ID Fraud

Your identity and personal information are extremely valuable. Criminals can open everything from bank accounts to loans and credit cards using just a few personal details. Although it’s not very common, it’s surprisingly easy to become a victim of ID fraud. Protect yourself from fraud and cybercrime with tips from Action Fraud.