Safe travelling and transport around Aberdeen

The majority of students don’t keep a car so most rely on public transport to travel around Aberdeen. Whether you use a bus, taxi or your own bike to get around town – we can offer some safety tips that will help make travelling easy and safe. Remember, if you live on campus and haven’t got enough money to get back at night, the Security Office will pay your fare – you can pay them back the next day.

Plan your bus route

Before you go out, make sure you know the correct bus route and have a good idea of how to get home again. Most buses don’t give you change so make sure you’ve got the exact money to pay for your fare. And, if you’re on an empty bus, stay downstairs and try to sit close to the driver.

Aberdeen bus timetables

Check out the regular bus or the night-bus timetable for more information. You’ll find ticket information, bus routes and details about the First bus app on their website.

Use a reputable taxi service

Using taxi services can be expensive, but sometimes they’re the best option – especially if you’re travelling alone or at night. When it comes to using taxi services, always use a reputable taxi company such as Comcab or Rainbow City Taxis and if you can , pre-book your journey in advance. It’s also a good idea to put some local taxi numbers in your phone so you know which company to call if you get stuck. Remember – taxi ranks in town are in different locations after midnight.


  • Never use an unlicensed taxi
  • The back of the taxi should have an official Aberdeen City Council license plate displayed
  • Sit in the back of the taxi directly behind the driver if possible

Private hire cabs vs taxis
You can get taxis at a rank, hail one in the street or pre-book private hire cabs. It’s often cheaper to pre-book a private hire cab rather than hailing a taxi in the street.

Aberdeen Safe Taxi Scheme

In case of an emergency, and you have no money to get home or are in a dangerous or unsafe situation, you can order a designated safe Taxi from Rainbow City Taxi’s and use your student card as payment.