What Are My Rights?

Part-time Work

Stuck for cash? Being a student and working a part-time job is pretty common these days. Some students do it for extra money, while for others it’s more about meeting new people and gaining some valuable experience. Wherever you’re working, it’s important that your job is both rewarding and safe.

Employability information from AUSA, including your employee rights.

Tips from the Careers Service on work experience during your studies.

Careers Service guide to student jobs.

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HMO and Private Rental

Many students decide to live in privately rented accommodation at some point whilst studying at university. It is important to be aware of the issues that come with private renting and take precautions to safeguard yourself and your deposit.

Accommodation information from AUSA, including a private accommodation search and your rights as a tenant.

8 things to check before you sign your tenancy agreement.

Police Scotland has created a Student Safety Guide which includes a section on renting a property/flat sharing.

International and EU students who are required to provide a UK-based guarantor in order to rent accommodation can now apply for the University to act as their guarantor. Apply for a place and find out more information about the scheme.

More information:

Shelter Scotland explains Scotland’s new tenancy laws which came into force in December 2017.


Laws in the UK

It is important to note that the laws here in Scotland may differ from the Laws in the rest of the UK and also in other countries.
You should take some time to familiarise yourself with the laws here in Scotland such as:

  • Smoking laws
  • Drinking laws
  • Don’t drink and drive

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Powers of Arrest

What powers do the police have here in Scotland? When can they stop and search you?

Have a look on the Citizens Advice website to find out.